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Andy S.   
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Instruments: Soprano, Tenor and Alto sax, Clarinet, Bass clarinet, Flute, Alto Flute, Keyboarsd
Top 5 Tours / Live Gigs: David Benoit, Dave Brubeck, Al jarreau,Melisa Manchester, Dave Pack
Recordings: Michael Franks, David Benoit, Gregg Karukas, Pat Kelley, Shapes


During his nearly 25-year career as a professional jazz musician, Andy has distinguished himself as a daring improviser and an imaginative songwriter and performer. A versatile artist capable of playing a wide range of styles, prefers work within the constraints of traditional, straight-ahead jazz, modern jazz and jazz fusion. A fixture on the West Coast club scene for years, has also played with some of jazzs great talents. During that time, hes performed with the legendary Dave Brubeck, "traded fours" with Al Jarreau on "Take Five," jammed on "Autumn Leaves" with Chick Corea and recorded in the studio with a long list of talented musicians.

In 1999, began performing and recording with hit-making smooth jazz artist David Benoit. The two met at sea when was playing with the popular jazz ensemble Kilauea on a jazz cruise. "After our regular set, we were improvising without our keyboard player when David jumped on stage in the middle of a tune and started jamming with us. A few weeks after the cruise he needed someone to fill in on sax and called me. Since then, Ive played on four of his albums and toured all over the world with him."

In 2004, issued his second album Blue Perspective, a quintet album filled with straight-ahead jazz. Recorded live with the musicians gathered around a single microphone, the album features eight cuts in the improvisational spirit of Miles Davis and John Coltrane with 's trademark compositional twists and turns. "While this old school method of recording was challenging, the emotional essence of the music was truthfully captured."

As builds on the success of his solo career and his creative collaborations with other artists, he promises one thing will remain a constant in his music change. "I dont ever like doing the same thing twice."

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